“But This One Thing…” 1:1 Coaching Package (3 Months)

  • Do you have THIS ONE THING, this one aspect of your life that you feel like if it falls into place, then everything would fall into place too?
  • Do you have a beautiful relationship, BUT you feel stuck in the department of making money and running this business you’ve been secretly dreaming about?
  • Are you successful at your job, BUT you just seem to attract the wrong guys all the time? And you dream about family and intimate, close relationship?
  • Do you feel like you have so much to offer to the world, BUT self-doubt and fears of judgement and being seen prevents you from even talking about your services or products, not to mention marketing them openly?
  • Do you feel like some idea is bubbling inside of you and you’d love to pursue it, BUT you feel stuck at your current job and you have too may options to choose from regarding the transition? Which of course makes you do nothing about it?
  • Do you know your message, BUT you lack focus and the exact „how” to approach all of this? Overwhelm rings a bell?

    If so, this package is for you.

If you're interested, let's discuss how we can work together:

The plan of our work together:

Month 1: Clarity = Hell Yes!

We focus on giving you CLARITY. We dive deep into your dreams, you paint a really vivid picture of how you’d like your future to look like. We define your life purpose so that you feel grounded within yourself and your choices.
We ask your intuition for guidance and start to look within, instead of looking for answers externally.

My intention for you is to leave this month feeling EXCITED, CALM, and GROUNDED.

Month 2: Fears = Gifts

We look into your FEARS, painful patterns and stories. You find out what your fear is all about and you learn how to work with it. You re-examine what’s possible for you, defining new standards you want to hold for yourself.

My intention for you is to leave this month feeling LIGHT, EMPOWERED and READY to take action.

Month 3: Inspired Action = Good Feeling Changes

During our last month, we’re focusing on INSPIRED ACTION. We put you in a really good mood and from that place you’re getting all those amazing ideas about what to do next. We make a plan. You define results you want to achieve. All of this done gracefully, with lots of self-care and feminine approach to life. Say goodbye to hustle. Say hallo to flow and ease.

My intention for you is to leave this month feeling RELAXED, TRUSTING and OH-SO-EXCITED about what’s next.

This package includes:

  • Focused energy of 1:1 coaching for 2 sessions a month (total of 6 online coaching calls, 60 min each, every other week).
  • Individualized support.
  • Undivided attention and focus on you and your dreams.
  • Detailed notes from each session that you can always come back to.
  • In-between sessions assignments designed just for you.
  • An accountability platform.
  • Unlimited in-between sessions e-mail support.


  • Life Purpose Session.
  • Reading list to support your growth and to inspire you.
  • Special Oracle Card Deck sent your way with love 🙂

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Your investment:
$ 550/month or
$ 1 500 paid in full. 

If you're interested, let's discuss how we can work together: