“More Than Just One Thing” 1:1 Coaching Package (6 Months)

  • Do you feel STUCK? Have you achieved (or still just dreaming about it) all those things but you’re not sure whether you want them anymore?
  • Do you feel like you no longer KNOW WHAT YOU WANT? Like you’ve lost the sense of who you are?
  • Would you like to really get to know yourself on a DEEPER LEVEL?
  • Find out why you’re behaving the way you do and despite trying different things, always ending up with the SAME RESULT?
  • Would you like to re-define what’s IMPORTANT for you, see what’s TRUE now and invite it into your life?
  • Would you like to DETOX YOUR FEARS and finally start doing things differently?
  • Would you like to feel EMPOWERED and like and adult version of you?
  • Would you like to feel EXCITED about your days when you wake up?
  • Would you like to feel ACCOMPLISHED in the evenings by how your day went?
  • Would you like to bring FOCUS and DIRECTION to your work?
  • Are you ready to dive deep and do the work to transform your life and invite even MORE AWESOMENESS to it?If so, this package is for you.

    It’s an extended version of „But This One Thing” 1:1 Package. You get all of that as mentioned above plus so much more – we dive deeper, we look further, we make even bigger shifts.

    You’re giving yourself the gift of 6 months of deep internal work and changes.

    My intention for you is to feel even more supported, excited, fear-free and fulfilled.

If you're interested, let's discuss how we can work together:

The plan of our work together

Month 1+2: Clarity = Hell Yes!

We’ll dive deeply into what’s IMPORTANT for you NOW. We’ll examine your values, needs, and purpose. I’ll invite you for a journey through your dreams, energy and intuitive guidance.

It’s all about finding CLARITY of what you really want from life. You’ll get to know yourself again.

We’ll ask your INTUITION for guidance and start to look within, instead of looking for answers externally.

My intention for you is to leave this month feeling EXCITED, CALM, and GROUNDED.

Month 3+4: Fears = Gifts

We’ll look into what kind of STORIES you’ve been telling yourself about what’s possible and impossible for you. And what to do about it so that instead of feeling disempowered, you feel like „hell, yes, I can do it!”. Easily 🙂

We’ll look into your fears, painful patterns and stories. We’ll do a fear detox, setting you up for SUCCESS.

You’ll re-examine what’s POSSIBLE for you, defining new standards you want to hold for yourself.

My intention for you is to leave this month feeling HEARD and SUPPORTED.

Month 5: All Parts of You

You’ll learn about your Inner Child, Your Inner Critic, Adult Self and all other PARTS that you may or may not have heard about. All those different, often contradicted voices you hear in your head? No, you’re not crazy. We all have them 🙂

I’ll show you how to work with them, instead of fighting them. Team work, people!

My intention for you is to leave this month feeling WHOLE and EMPOWERED.

Month 6: Inspired Action = Good Feeling Changes

This month is all about the evidence of your new beliefs and things you want to see happen. We’re focusing on INSPIRED ACTION. We put you in a really good mood and from that place you’re getting all those amazing ideas about what to do next. We make a plan. You define results you want to achieve. All of this done gracefully, with lots of self-care and feminine approach to life.

Say goodbye to hustle. Say hallo to flow and EASE.

From now on, you’ll be planning and doing things from a place of fun and joy, instead of stress and fear. Sounds good?

My intention for you is to leave this month feeling RELAXED, TRUSTING and OH-SO-EXCITED about what’s next.

This package includes:

  • Focused energy of 1:1 coaching for 2 sessions a month (total of 12 online coaching calls, 60 min each, every other week).
  • Individualized support.
  • Undivided attention and focus on you and your dreams.
  • Detailed notes from each session that you can always come back to.
  • In-between sessions assignments designed just for you.
  • An accountability platform.
  • Unlimited in-between sessions e-mail support


  • Life Purpose Session.
  • My Self-Study Course.
  • Reading list to support your growth and to inspire you.
  • Special Oracle Card Deck sent your way with love 🙂

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Your investment:
$ 550/month or
$ 3 000 paid in full. 

If you're interested, let's discuss how we can work together: