What I believe.

I believe we all have a beautiful light within us that wants to be seen and shine. Just sometimes it’s dimmed by different experiences we’ve been through and we no longer believe it’s there or that we’re enough to shine it. 

I believe that living by your own rules not only IS possible but can be more peaceful than forcing rules of others on yourself.

I believe that what is possible for you is up to you to decide.

Basically, it all starts with you.

Getting to know who you are, and what you want, and what you love.

We CAN stop playing the victim (or a rescuer, or a perpetrator) of our upbringing, social programming and so on. It’s not always easy but totally possible. And more important – totally worth it. This I know for sure.

When you know yourself and you know all sides of you (the good, the bad, and those parts that need more light), it’s so much easier to interact with others.

It’s easier because you’re not so scared that they will see you’re faking something.

Because you’re not.

When you accept all parts of you and you know how to work with them, and not against them, you suddenly gain clarity.  And from that clarity comes focus and power and action that feels really good to take.

Because you know that what you do is what YOU want to do, and not what others think you should do

And living in alignment with who you are makes you HAPPY. And that influences every single person that’s around you. Everybody wins.

You’re shining your light and beaming your beautiful essence.

That gives others permission to do the same.

So I believe it all starts with you. You ARE the light. And „a candle loses nothing by lightning another candle”.

Let’s all shine brightly!

My story.

In this video you can learn how:

  • Lack of direction was a leading theme in my life.
  • On paper my life was great and I had the best 9-5 job ever and still I was feeling empty inside and just so unhappy.
  • I was avoiding my emotions to the point that led me to emotional overating.
  • I was collecting small signs that led me to my current career as a Life Coach.
  • One e-mail has changed my life forever and that I no longer could avoid the voice of my intuition.
  • As a result of taking action that felt really good (even though it was scary), in one year I got pregnant, had a baby, launched my business and moved twice.
  • I stopped blaming others for how I feel.
  • I discovered  that doing things differently is okay.
  • I wanted to feel at ease, calmly excited, loved, happy and I how made it happen.