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Hello there!

I’m really happy to see you on my blog.

My name is Katarzyna Morzewska and I’m a life coach. I love learning and discovering new ideas and concepts which help me to be more myself and live more full and happy life. And I love sharing them with others.

In short

I’m a life coach helping people change their life in harmony with who they are. To discover who they really are and what they really want. I love going deep but in a practical way. I’m here for people who are open to look inside and explore what’s going on, want to change and get unstuck, even though they may not feel quite ready to do it on their own. I’m here for people who are scared and confused but really want to change something. They don’t take action, even though they have been thinking about it many, many times. They have plans and dreams but they just don’t do it for some reason. Together we can overcome that, you will start to take inspired action, create the life YOU really want and start to build that confidence muscle that comes to life when we take even the smallest step towards making our dreams come true. I can help you get results.

I’m there for you and, by the way, I totally believe you can do it. If I did it, then so can you 🙂 

I believe you can live your life differently and that changing your life is possible. I’m doing it by looking inside, exploring my limiting beliefs, creating a vision for the new life I want and then taking action to make the change reality – all at my own, perfect pace. And I’m helping others to do the same by sharing what I’ve learnt and coaching them 1:1.

More about what I believe in and how I like to work

I believe that we all have a shining light within us that wants to be seen – our true self, our essence. We are all perfect just as we are. Sometimes it’s just covered up. This cover up can have many forms: our thoughts about ourselves, our ego taking charge, our unreasonable expectations, limiting beliefs, experiences from childhood, something someone said to us and it sticked to our head, our Inner Critic or Saboteur, self-criticism, perfectionism, etc. Basically, the inner junk that keeps us stuck. And it prevents us from getting what we want or sometimes even from dreaming about it.

I also believe that our purpose in life is to be ourselves, to discover what that means and to live it. When we allow ourselves to shine our light, we give other people in our presence permission to shine theirs. Their soul can see its own reflection in ours and feels like home. And when you’re feeling okay with yourself, you truly accept who you are, you get this amazing dose of energy to change and shape your reality in every way you want. You become the creator of your own life, instead of being a victim of your thoughts or the circumstances around you. You do things with ease and joy. According to your own amazing standards, not someone else’s. 

I strongly believe we can live our lives in a different way. We don’t have to feel heavy, stuck, or overworked. We can ask for help. We can ask for support. We can take care of ourselves. We can have amazing relationships instead of blaming the other person for our own unhappiness. We can create work that works for us. We can be more in touch with our inner selves. We can explore our inner world and feel really good about it. We can fully feel our emotions and express them in a safe way. We don’t have to escape into food, alcohol, drugs, extensive workouts, sex, work, complaining, or blamining to name a few, to avoid feeling our feelings. Feeling can be safe. We can change our perspective on life. We can take action. It’s all possible.

I know it’s not always rosy and life is messy sometimes. We have the whole spectrum of emotions and events in our lives. I take it fully in. The question is: how do you perceive it? As something that happens to you and it just sucks or as something that you experience as a life lesson that helps you grow and be more yourself? How would you like to see it? How would you like to live your life?

I love coaching people and life coaching itself, because it gives you all these amazing tools to take ownership of your own life. You’re becoming more empowered, more independent. You start to actually do things. You look at things and events in your life from a different perspective. You complain less, you do more and as a result you are just more happy.

Coaching helps you to be the leader, the creator of your own life. You can reflect on what’s not serving you, envision what you want, and take action to get it. You can overcome your blocks, your limiting beliefs and just feel more at ease, light and free. Or powerful, strong and in control. However you wish to feel. And your life coach is there by your side to ask you powerful questions, get you through the process, and help you get clarity on your path to having amazing life. Sometimes we have to uncover the hard things but when you shine a bit of light on them, you can actually let it go and then take action to change what you want to change. I love helping people in a practical way. 

If that’s something you desire to explore, just drop me an e-mail.

Fun facts and favorites

  • I love my husband, our son, books and movies 🙂
  • I love buying (and then reading) books even more than buying clothes, especially self-help and spiritual books
  • I also love writing and journaling. Stationery, pens – love it all!
  • Currently living in Kraków, Poland and taking care of our beautiful baby boy 🙂
  • For my friends outside of Poland: my full name is Katarzyna, in short it’s Kasia
  • Guided meditations are my favorite type
  • Seasite and water is my number one place to be
  • Love Italian food and chilled white wine
  • I like my space organized and decluttered – space outside of myself gives me space within as well
  • I watch “You’ve Got Mail”, “The Holiday”, and “Love Actually” every Christmas season (it’s my favorite holiday ever)

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Have an amazing day <3