Dream Career Path 1:1 Coaching Package

Find your dream career path druing 5 weeks of 1:1 coaching
and finally feel happy and fulfilled about your job.

Does it sound familiar?

  • Have you lost motivation to work?
  • Do you complaint about it a lot?;)
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and feel like doing nothing?
  • Do you feel like you have  to pretend all is well when you don’t feel like it actually is (because everyone else seem to have it together)?
  • Have you tried to figure out what you want to do career-wise on your own (like, a lot) and you feel like you’ve drained your own resources?
  • Do you feel like you’d love some support with figuring that out?
  • Is coaching something you’ve heard about and you’re kind of curious whether it can help you or is it just some BS? 😉

Let me start with this.

This confused place you’re in, is not the only way to live your life.

I know because I’ve been there and now I’m not.

I figured out what I want to do, I know where I’m going. And I’m helping others get this clarity too.

I’ve tested many tools along the way. And I’m happy to share!

We can figure that out for you too!

Hi! My name is Kat and I’m a Life Coach.

I help clarity-seeking women find their dream career path (from their heart), so that they can feel light, joyful and fulfilled in the work department and beyond.

How about that?

  • You’re clear about what you want to do next with your career.
  • You feel energy flowing through your body, you feel like you want to do things and take action. Yay!!!
  • You know what you’re good at, you know what your gifts are, you know what makes you happy and how to put it all together so that you have the career of your dreams.
  • You know yourself better.
  • You feel re-connected with your heart and feminine power.
  • You feel you’re okay and that you’re gonna be okay.
  • You’re not alone in this. You have your coach who’s there for you. Judgement free, open-hearted. Yes.

This is what coaching is all about!

Pillars of my coaching work:


  • I’ll help you tune into yourself to find a clear career path that feels amazing.
  • We’ll create an action plan that will show you exactly what you want to do.
  • We’ll analyze your skills, talents and passions and incorporate those into your plan.
  • I’ll use my best tools, exercises and techniques to bring you the results you desire.


  • You’ll get to know yourself better.
  • You’ll feel energetic boost of positive emotions and energy to take action.
  • Joy and excitment will come back to your life again.


  • I’ll make sure to create safe, judgmenet-free space for you so that you can re-build your confidence and move forward with ease.
  • You’ll have my undivided attention and support.
  • To save time, have privacy and for both of our convienience, we’ll meet virtually, so that you can easily fit our sessions into your busy schedule.

Sure, you can keep doing things on your own.

It’s just… you don’t have to.

The support is right here.

All you have to do is reach out.

Clients’ love…

Kat will guide you to UNTANGLE what can feel like a jumbled mess of your thoughts and feelings.

Martha, Energy Editing® Professional & Bespoke Jewelry Designer

Kat will guide you so by asking the right questions to get you to the heart of what's troubling you.

Martha, Energy Editing® Professional & Bespoke Jewelry Designer

Sessions with Kat gave me the courage to choose and focus 100% on the things that matter to me most and that really make me happy.

Karolina, The Seeker & Alpinist

Before we worked together I felt lost and overwhelmed. I had no idea what I want to do with my life, career-wise.

Agnieszka, Lawyer

I feel so much more inner peace after working with Kat. I stopped overthinking things.

Agnieszka, Lawyer

Coaching with Kat gave me confidence in my choices around my career. I actually KNOW what I want to do next!

Agnieszka, Lawyer

I learned how to speak from my heart and really get clear on what it is I desire for my coaching practice and in my personal life.

Cari, Coach & Therapist

Kat knows how to ask just the right questions to get to the core of what it is you desire.

Cari, Coach & Therapist

Dream Career Path 1:1 Coaching Package

is not for everyone, though.

It’s totally NOT for you, if:

  • You are not ready to leave complaining about your life and blaming everything and everyone around you for how bad you feel behind.
  • You don’t want to take a look into your heart because you think it’s a total BS.
  • You prefer to wait for things to change on their own somehow, so you don’t have to change your mindset or worldview.

If you’re thinking this actually might be something for you,

here’s an overview of what we’ll do.

There are 3 steps we go through:

Step 1: Collect the pieces of what you love

During weeks 1 and 2 we focus on what you actually want to do and what you’d love to do. And if your default answer is “I don’t know”, I feel you and I see you. And I’m sure deep down you DO know. I’ll help you bring that to the surface. It’s kind of my superpower 🙂 We’ll use it all: your imagination, your logic, your experience and we’ll also tap into your heart. All to get clues, answers and direction. You’ll get a vivid description of where you’re going. You’ll have a vision of what you want. We’ll describe your life purpose statement. Amazing things for clarity. It’s all there in your head. I’ll help you let it out.

Step 2: Awareness is key to take the pressure off

Weeks 3 and 4 are dedicated to your fears and blocks. I’ve learnt that the more aware you are about what are about your negative patterns, the easier it is to change them. I’ll help you uncover those stories you’ve been telling yourself (like: “I’m not good enough”, “Who am I to do this”, “Who would pay me for it”, “There are other poeple doing it already”, “I have nothing to offer”, “I’m not worthy”, to just name the few that are most common). And I’ll show you how to change them. Yes. You can do such things! I was surprised too, believe me 🙂

Step 3: Your roadmap to happiness

And then in week 5, we’ll create a plan of your next steps. You’ll feel excited about it by only looking at it! Not to mention actaully doing it 🙂 It will be simple, doable, totally yours. Yay! 🙂

As my 1:1 client you’ll receive

  • 45 min kick-off call to get clear on your goal and to create a plan of our sessions.
  • A package of private coaching calls (5 x 60 min). All sessions are held virtually on Zoom or Skype (convinient and time-saver!).
  • Plan of our work toghether based on initial call.
  • Plan of what to do next after we’re done with coaching.
  • Bonus 45 min follow-up session after 1 month to check in how you’re doing with everything.
  • Detailed notes from each session.
  • An easy to use online platform where all the notes and resources are always available for you.
  • Accountability check-ins so you feel supported along the way and beyond.
  • Unlimited e-mail and messanger support during our 5 weeks together (Mon-Fri).
  • Resources, recommendations, book lists, meditations, journaling prompts – all indivitually chosen for you and your unique situation.

Your investment for the 5 weeks of 1:1 coaching:

$ 800 in full


2 payments of $420

Things I’d love for you to know about me and how I work:

  • In my work I value: clarity, awareness, soulful connection, insights and support.
  • I create safe space for my clients so that they can freely explore what they want and what’s holding them back and how to move through that.
  • I’m a positive person. This is the kind of energy I love to spread around.
  • I only use coaching tools and techniques that work. I’ve tested them on myself and then and only then I use them with my clients.
  • I treat all the information you give me as sacred. Privacy, intimacy and trust are really important for me.

Imagine how your life can be

in 5 weeks from now!

  • You know what you want to do with your life career-wise.
  • You know both your direction and you have a detailed plan for your next steps.
  • You’re excited about it all.
  • You don’t beat yourself up that much anymore 🙂
  • When you feel in your low point, you know why, you know the mechanisms and you know what to do about it.
  • In general: you’re more happy, excited, peaceful and aware version of yourself.
Cool? 🙂 I thought so! <3

And now imagine what will happen if you don’t change anything.

  • You’ll still be where you are.
  • You’ll still be beating yourself up about it.
  • Still no clarity.
  • Still lots of pressure.
  • No change.
You know, 5 weeks will pass anyways.
Why not give yourself the gift of making it totally amazing and life-changing? 🙂