Is this question hunting you for a while now?

You know it’s time to change something or at least make a decision, right?

Probably it shows up mostly in your career.

You don’t feel motivated by your job anymore. The energy in your workplace sucks. You know it’s not your place. You want to change it.

But how can you be sure that the next job will finally be THE thing you are meant to be doing in this lifetime? The thing that will make you feel on purpose and living up your potential? 

Or maybe you are a new mom and you know you need some plan now that your life looks differently? And I get it. You’re tired, no time to think, not to mention plan your career. Am I right or am I right? 🙂 

And people ask you over and over again what do you want and you… don’t know, exactly.

You just know that CLARITY and INNER PEACE would feel really nice right now. You want to feel SIMPLY HAPPY.

Clarity Coaching – the essence of what you want

One of my superpowers is that I can lovingly pull out of you the essence of what you want and what’s preventing you from getting it.

And to show it to you clearly.

So if you’ve been thinking about it, and dwelling upon it and re-thinking it over and over again (and by the way, not following through, and not seeing results) – it might be a good time to ask for some support around it. And to get some new, fresh perspective. And this is what coaching is all about.

I can help you with that.

Actually, it will be my pleasure 🙂

Hi! My name is
Katarzyna Morzewska (you can call me Kat) and I’m a Life Coach.
I help women change their lives by getting clear about what they really want.

Are you not sure where to go next with your life?

You just have no clarity around what you want to do now.

There are so many options. There are too few options.

Maybe you want to run your own business but it just feels so safe staying in your 9-5 job.

Or maybe you’d love to make some changes in how you feel and behave with other people.

Or maybe you want to show your work to the world but it feels so scary that people may judge you.

What’s your story, my friend?

I imagine, you just keep thinking and thinking about it. You talked with your spouse, your friends, your family and still – you’re exactly where you started, just feeling much worse because you’ve lost all this energy on thinking and you’re not doing anything about it.

Or maybe you know well what you want but something keeps you stuck? And it's hard to explain it on the logical level?

And you know it’s some kind of fear, right? But looking into it on your own just seems too scary.

And you’ve got a feeling that if you worked throught it, something might finally shift.

Or maybe you know your fears oh-so-well but nevertheless, they still rule your present life.

Bottom line is - you are all in your head. All. The. Time.

Overthinking. Losing energy on what might/should/could have happen.

And nothing happens.

The place you’re in is not your ideal happy place. You know there’s more waiting for you. That there’s more in life. You want changes.

But it’s just too overwhelming. Everyday life geos on and it’s just so busy.

You don’t actually make decisions. And deep down you know it’s time.


Clarity coaching is about clarity, duh!

During and after our sessions, you can expect getting a clear picture of what you want and the direction you want to take.

Finally making the decisions and seeing things happen. Yay!

And yes, it does make you feel light, excited and calm. Really cool side effects, right?

Fears uncovered and managed.

We don’t do things because we are afraid. We all have our unique stories that made us feel this way but the point is – when you know your fears, you can do something about them.

No, they don’t dissapear in a second. But with time, they do fade away. You get awareness and that is a game changer.

And in a meantime, you learn how to manage your fears so that you can move in the direction of your dreams.

Amazing? I thought you may like it 🙂

Making decisions. And feeling good about it.

Clarity is power. It lifts this heaviness from your chest.

When you are not clear you spread your energy in different directions and you see little or no results. You keep asking others for something you know they can’t give you. Because only you have the answers for you.

When you are focused, it’s so much easier to move forward.

What else does clarity bring? Confidence. Peace of mind. More space for things that are important for you.

Pretty good feelings if you ask me.

I know your situation is as unique as you.

That’s why I love to work this way: you tell me what you’re struggling with. I tell you how many sessions we need. Simple.

No worries, thought. I value your time. Usually we can complete the process in 3-6 weekly coaching calls.

All sessions are held virtually and are booked through a private calendar link. After our call you’ll get detailed session notes, your next action steps, and helpful resources. And you’re good to go on with your life 🙂