This is how we can work together.

If you’re here, it means that what I’m sharing is resonating with you on some level. And that’s sooo amazing 🙂 I’m more than happy to support you on your way towards your dreams.

I totally see you on the other side: having what you desire, taking charge, changing your life so that it brings you joy and fulfillment. Feeling excited when you wake up, calm and accomplished by the end of your day. And simply happy 🙂 Yes, I believe it is possible for you. Even if you still doubt that a bit.

If that’s the case, we’ll definitely work on this attitude, lady! 🙂

Okay. So, currently I offer 3 ways to work with me, depending on your willingness to commit and what kind of support you’re looking for.

1. Life Purpose Session – a single 60-minute session during which we uncover your Life Purpose.

2. „But This One Thing…” 1:1 Coaching Package – a 3-month program.

3. „More Than Just One Thing” 1:1 Coaching Package – a 6-month program.

More details below after some clicking.

Life Purpose Session

60 minutes of top notch life coaching to dive deeper into your Life Purpose.

I believe that we bring our Purpose to everything that we do. Our job, yes, but not only. You don’t have to narrow down and define yourself by just one thing.

My intention for you is to leave the session with a Life Purpose Statement that can give you guidance and clarity while making big life choices and decisions.

And of course for you to get this peaceful deep inner knowing of what you’re here for.

"But This One Thing..." 1:1 Coaching Package (3 months)

During the 3 months of our work together you’ll get clear about what you really want to do next. What you want NOW.

You will gain focus.

We’ll detox your fears that prevent you from moving forward.

You will feel empowered to finally take action and show your work to the world. Or to decide to open up for a new relationship. Or whatever this one thing that’s out of balance is for you.

You can totally do it. And I’m here to support you 🙂

I’ll show you how to choose ease rather than overwhelm (yes, you can choose how you feel!).

My intention for you is to feel more whole, calm, excited and accomplished than ever before.

"More Than Just One Thing" 1:1 Coaching Package (6 months)

I’m your coach for 6 months. We do deep inner work together.

You find out ALL the things as in the 3-month program + so much more.

After our work together, you are clear about what you really want. You know the direction you want to take and your next steps. Your fears are known and taken care of. You’re so exicted to take action! Finally! You’ve been waiting for this feeling for sooo long. It’s here. Yes!

Imagine this: you wake up excited about your day. You feel calm and energized during your work. You handle everything like a Queen that you are. When you go to bed at night, you feel accomplished about how your day went. How does that sound?

If you feel that you have more than just one thing to work on, this package is for you.