#7 Pleasure: good things come to those who feel good.


Today we have the first book review! Yay! 🙂

I know Mama Gena is having the launch of her new book right now, but I just finished reading one of her previous creations – „Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts. Using the Power of Pleasure to Have Your Way with the World” and I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

„You can’t be fun if you’re not having fun.”

In short, in her book „…Womanly Arts” Regina Thomashauer shares her wisdom of how to be more happy and fulfilled as a woman. But most of all she shows how to have fun with your femininity and fully own it. After I’ve finished this book I was like: „Wow! Being a woman is so much fun!” I wanted to implement all of her tips straight away. I felt like my life can easily change into the pleasure path of feeling sexy, receiving what I want and having fun with my own twists and flavors. Mama Gena paints a picture of this being easy and at your fingertips. Right now. You don’t have to wait to loose weight, have a boyfriend/husband, more money or whatever. It’s available to you NOW. 

Being a woman in the current times is confusing. We get mixed messages all the time. And instead of claiming our femininity, we too try to fit into the masculine world. And as Mama Gena says, our world needs both. Balance of feminine and masculine. Both energies. And we all have them both within us. Feminine with its joy, creativity, softness, art of receiving, getting pleasure, creating connection and masculine with its executing, task-orientation, and go-get-it attitude. Without masculine energy we would stay in the dream world without actually doing anything. Without the feminine energy we would have a world without beauty and pleasure, get into conflicts all the time and stay alone with no support or community.

So how to be a woman with ease, you may ask?

The book shows 10 lessons, from which you can learn the stories of Mama Gena’s clients and how pleasure has changed their life for better (like a lot better). She also gives plenty of tools which help you to change your life with the same powerful results. If you do them, of course.

What are your desires?

„Pleasure comes from giving yourself permission to explore your appetites freely, with no guilt.”

Ask yourself this: where did focusing on your flaws, on negativity has led you so far? Are you truly, deeply happy while doing things this way? I didn’t think so. Why not try to focus on pleasure and see where this will lead you instead?

Mama Gena in her book teaches us what pleasure is, how to learn what your wishes and desires are, how to have fun, about the sensual pleasure, art of flirtation, how to own your beauty, how to claim your darker side (aka „Your Inner Bitch”), how to own and operate men, how to invite abundance to our life, and she ends with a summary and lesson about gratitude.

Having more pleasure may seem trivial or wrong at first (depending on your beliefs), but believe me – page after page I was just nodding and nodding. It makes so much sense! She touches every aspect of being a woman: your relationship to yourself, to your body, your beauty, to sex, to men, to work. Her view lights it up and makes being a woman fun and so juicy! You just feel like going out and just getting what you want 🙂 She really makes it that easy!

Mama Gena emphasizes that at first we may not even know what we want. We’re not encouraged to explore that as girls and then women. Often we’re shamed about our wishes.

„We have grown up being told that the sexy part of ourselves is bad or wrong, not the essence of our nature”.

When you get to know yourself and your appetites, you’ll only choose what you really want: food, clothes, jobs, people. You make the rules. And your blissful energy will spread on those around you. We all know these women that enter the room and the room brightens, right? You may be one of those women too. That’s a nice vision, isn’t it? 🙂

Regena warns us that if we don’t satisfy our appetites, they may change against us. For example: food. If you really want this chocolate cake, you’d probably be satisfied after one piece. You could enjoy it fully, feel its taste in your whole body, have a really sensual experience. But if you deny yourself what you REALLY want, you’ll end up eating some substitute and guess what? I’m betting it’ll be the whole bag of this substitute. Then the guilt comes in, you feel bad about yourself, and the worst part is you didn’t even enjoy it! Instead, you could have easily avoided this by allowing yourself to have this one piece of amazing chocolate cake. And believe me – you would be so happy and satisfied! Raise your standard, girl. Choose only what’s best and most desireable for you and your life will be so much easier. 

What getting more pleasure can help you with?

Mama Gena shows many examples of how inviting pleasure to your life leads to more joy in every aspect of it: your relationship, sex, work, body, family, people around you.

It helps you to set higher standards for yourself and others.

„If you want to be treasured, you have to treasure yourself first and then show someone how to treasure you.”

It helps with men.

„A man cannot fulfill you if he doesn’t know how you can be fulfilled! He cannot help make your dreams come true if he doesn’t know what they are.”

„Flirtation is also an art. Flirtation lightens the spirit. (…) It makes whatever you wish come to you more smoothly.”

It helps to claim your beauty.

„Since it’s a habit to find yourself unbeautiful, it takes an effort to add on the habit of finding yourself beautiful.”

„Your impact on that room has no relationship to pretty. It has no relationship to age. It has to do with how much you are approving of yourself an, consequently, approving of the other people in your universe.”

„Women look beautiful when they begin to spend their energy in pleasurable ways.”

It helps you to get more abundance.

„Good things come to those who feel good.”

To create beautiful surroundings.

„I began to redesign my life so that everything I touch, from my sleek cell phone and beautiful wallet to the creams in my bathroom, the shoes in my closet, the champagne flutes in my cupboard, all reflect my beauty.”

To claim your power, as woman in life.

„In order to take a rightful seat at the head of the banquet table of our lives, we have to accept the rightness of our feelings and desires and act on them strongly, always.”

To be more happy, in general.

„Our greatest responsibility, and the only path to our happiness, is to define what we want our life to be and go after that with a vengeance. Tradition be damned.”

My favorite tool from the book

I like many of tools that Mama Gena provides but „A Desire List” is my favorite. She encourages us to create a list of our desires. You can do it with pan and paper but personally, I find it easier to have it on my iPhone in notes. This way I always have access to it and I can add any wishes that come my mind straight away.

The point is to write down any desire that crosses your mind or heart. Tiny ones, big ones, anything. It can vary from getting a new job, talking walk on the beach, getting a massage, a babysitter to have a day off for yourself, getting some ice cream, drinking coffee, reading, going on a date, buying yourself this beautiful dress you really want – write down everything!

Then you can see how those wishes come to life. I have no idea how it works, but the week I’ve started to do write down my desires, they magically came true one by one. Suddenly I was walking on the beach (I live 600 km away from the sea!), getting my favorite books, baby clothes with discounts, my hubby out of the blue decided to go to my favorite pastry shop just to buy my favorite chocolate-cherry-cheese dessert! It’s quite amazing, seriously 🙂 So I’ve decided to continue to write down all my wishes and desires. I don’t judge them. I just enjoy them. It’s fun 🙂

After you get something you wanted, express gratitude. It also builds your happiness muscle.

That’s it for today.

And did I mention the book has a beautiful pink cover? 🙂 Yes, it’s just perfect! I love it and  I recommend it from the bottom of my heart.

Here’s the link to buy it.

What are your thoughts about desires and having more pleasure in your life? Leave a comment below and/or share this post with your friend! 🙂

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  1. This was great. I love that you are starting to do book reviews on your blog! I think this is perfect since you are always reading the best books! 😉 I love that your desires started coming to life after you wrote them down! That’s so amazing! I’m going to try it. 🙂 xo

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