Life Coaching

Does it sound like you?

  • My whole life, I’m haunted by the question “Who do you want to be when you grow up?” despite being in my 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s.
  • I secretly feel ashamed because I don’t have it all figured out.
  • I have no idea what I really want from life. And I feel like I should know that.

  • I’m repeating the same patterns over and over again and don’t know how to break the cycle.
  • I feel like in-between state and can’t find things that make me happy.
  • I feel empty inside, not many things bring me fulfillment and from the outside it looks like they should!
  • I need to make big life choices and I have no idea what to choose.
  • I allow other people or their opinions to decide for me, because let’s be honest. It’s just easier this way.

  • I’m totally disconnected from my inner guidance. I’m not sure I even believe it’s a thing. But deep down I know I have it and I’m kind of curious how to use it 🙂

  • I’m dreaming and waiting for someone else to tell me what to do with my life.
  • I’m waiting for this defining moment when everything will be perfect and then I can be happy and do the things I love.
  • I’m tired of doing, doing, doing something all the time and still not seeing the life I desire to have.
  • Sometimes I act like a child, causing all the drama and waiting for someone to rescue me.
  • I don’t have a purpose, I’m lacking clarity about what I want to do next, which direction to take.
  • I am beyond excuses and I’m ready to take charge of my life. I just need someone to guide me because I don’t know how.

Imagine that this is your life instead…

  • You are really clear about what you want. You know this is it. No matter whether it’s about your job or your love life. You are clear: this is what I want.

  • You’re creating the life you really want NOW. And you feel calm and confident that you can actually do it. It’s not something that you think you SHOULD want, or what your parents, or your partner, or your friends told you would be good for you. You’re deciding about your choices. And it feels soooo good.

  • You’re feeling calm and confident about your life’s path. You know your purpose.

  • You know where you’re going and why.
  • You’re aware of your painful patterns and you know what to do about them when they show up.

  • You know what’s important for YOU and what brings you joy and your life is full of both.
  • You’re connected to your Intuition and you trust yourself and your choices.

  • You’re feeling grounded and empowered.

  • You’re feeling certain about your next steps.

  • You’re feeling amazing about being yourself 🙂 

  • You’re living your life NOW, accepting its all ups and downs – enjoying the ride without waiting for having it all figured out and being perfect. 

  • You’re feeling excited about your life and what the future holds. 

Would you like that?

We can work together and make it all happen!

I currently offer 1:1 coaching sessions for individual clients.

There are still some spots available, so if you’re interested, please drop me an e-mail as they fill up pretty quickly. I only work with few clients at the time to focus my full attention and energy on them and serve my women the best I can.

Take a look at my calendar and book your session today. I'll get back to you with the details asap!

Yes, please!

If you’re looking for something more in life:


  • To have clarity about what you really want and what kind of life you desire NOW.
  • To find your purpose.
  • To have a clear vision of your next steps.
  • And the direction you want to go in next.
  • To find out why you don’t have what you want yet and what to do about it.


Let’s talk!

If you feel like we can create something together, I’d love to connect with you on a call to discuss the details.

Just drop me an e-mail and we’ll schedule a call to chat about our work together.

I work with clients from all over the world with a little help of the Internet. So don’t worry about the location – we’ll have a really powerful session from the comfort of your own home.

You can just simply go over to my calendar and book a call with me so we can chat about it 🙂

Let’s get clear on few things first:

NO – I don’t have a magic wand.

YES – I have something better 🙂 Insightful questions that will help you become the hero of your own life instead of only dreaming of what’s possible or impossible for you.

NO – your problems will not magically disappear. But I will help you get awareness about why you have them and how they work so that you can take charge and responsibility for your life. And as a result make totally different and more empowering choices!

YES – you’re gonna love it. It feels really really good 🙂

NO – you’re not a failure because you can’t do it on your own. We all need a little help from time to time. I ask for support all the time!

YES – we’re going to cry, laugh, make massive shifts, take action, create amazing things and everything in between.

So what do you say?

Are we on the same page?

If so, here’s how we can work together.



Clear Direction 1:1 Coaching Package

Each session package is carefully designed for each idividual client based on our initial talk and in-depth intake form.

  • I’m your Coach for 3 months! Yay! 🙂
  • During that time we have 6 x 1:1 online coaching sessions (60 min each) to work on your unique situation and needs (every other week via Zoom or Skype).
  • We assess your unique situation before the first session to determine your goals and needs.
  • I provide you with detailed notes from each session that you can always come back to.
  • If you’re open to it, I’m sending you journaling in-between sessions assignments designed just for you.
  • I use an accountability platform where I will support you with tracking your progress.
  • You also have unlimited in-between sessions e-mail access to yours truly.

Investment: $1 200 paid in full or with a payment plan.

Are you ready to take charge of your life and finally see different results?

I’m really excited to vitness you on this path and see you becoming the women that you always wanted to be.


Schedule your session today.

Yes, please!

Can’t wait to connect with you!