I started life coaching with Kat when once again I was asking myself what I’d really like to do workwise. And it felt like a never ending story

I always had a feeling that there is something for me, that I have a passion I want to share. But so many choices around and the pressure I was puting on myself intstead of motivating me to grow were making me feel stuck.

Of course I was trying different stuff, from multiple questionaries I was finding online to writing everything down and thinking, thinking and by the end of the day just overthinking…

And then I’ve found Kat.

I have to admit that after our first session I was already surprised. Because come on, if you think about particular topic for so long, how is it possible to discover something after just one hour of coaching? But it really worked.

And then from one session to another, under her guidance, my thoughts were clarifying so easily.

Kat helped me to name things which were there, inside me, for a long time already. I started to have a lot of a-ha moments and simply connect dots.

She created the atmosphere of trust which was very helpful during the whole journey. Moreover I felt that she really feels my energy and resonates with it!

She helped me to discover what’s my superpower, how can I use it and which steps I should take first. I also appreciate a lot that she was inspiring me with a lot of things around, from guided metidations to energy editing. It was a real eye-opening experience.

I highly recommend working with Kat. She is a beautiful, talented soul with so much to share. And for all of those who wonder I have one thing to share: this woman knows what she’s doing and she’s doing it right!


My amazing Client 🙂

I felt overwhelmed and clouded before we started our work. Since our sessions, I feel clearer and more aware of what’s really preventing me from taking action.

I felt overwhelmed at launching my new business. You helped to simplify it and see what was at the root of that resistance I was experiencing. It all feels clearer to me now, simpler, and manageable.

I’m following a simplified 4-step plan that you discovered, to launch my business, AND I’m no longer overwhelmed by it.

You were REALLY good at coaching and guiding and listening and supporting and knowing where to lead. I felt so taken care of.

Kat will guide you so by asking the right questions to get you to the heart of what’s troubling you.

And, she’ll guide you to UNTANGLE what can feel like a jumbled mess of your thoughts and feelings around your issue and help you to see it simply and clearly and to even love it, rather than fear it. Martha

Energy Editing® Professional & Bespoke Jewelry Designer

I thought coaching is bullshit 🙂 And I was afraid it’s like therapy. I was afraid I will have to talk about painful experiences from my past. And I didn’t believe it will actually work for me.

I had so many resistance towards coaching! But I found myself in a situation where I had nothing to loose so I just went all in. Totally paid off! I made space for new things in my life. I was surprised how easy that was for me. I gave myself more than I ever did.

Before we worked together I felt lost and overwhelmed. Had no idea what I want to do with my life, career-wise.

It was hard for me to admit I need support. But my usual go-to solutions didn’t work anymore. They were safe but totally didn’t work.

During our sessions I felt really relaxed and heard. I opened up more than I expected and wanted to talk about things I’ve never thought I would want to talk about 🙂

And now look at me. I feel so much more inner peace after working with Kat. I stopped overthinking things.

Coaching with Kat gave me confidence in my choices around my career. I actually KNOW what I want to do next!

I believe that the choices I’m making are good for me. I stopped second-guessing myself. I know that challenges will come. And I feel really calm about it. I know I can do it.

And…I stopped judging myself! I didn’t expect that to ever happen.

I overcame my fear of change in terms of my career. I started to actually experience that changes are not always bad for me.

Coaching has helped me approach old problems (that I kept thinking about for years!) in a totally new way.

Also, coaching with Kat turned out to be really effective. My problems were really big… only in my head. We managed to solve them in 6 weekly sessions. Agnieszka


I had no idea how coaching sessions look like and I was afraid that’s not actually something for me. I’ve never had a coach or a therapist before so I didn’t know what to expect.

Also, I was resistant towards the form of online calls. I wasn’t used to using them.

However, during the very first session my fears faded away. I quickly realized there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Thanks to the fact that Kasia led our conversations in a smooth and considerate manner, the topics were flowing and flowing. It never felt pushy. I’ve never felt embarassed or awkard. From what at first seemed like minor remark from my side, Kasia was able to point out and reflect back to me a really interesting and surprinsng conclusion.

During each session we made huge and important discoveries. What’s really important, Kasia was able to show me the positive aspects of each one of them and empower me to take responsibility for things I wanted to change. We never ended a session in a hopeless state of mind. Quite the opposite!

Thanks to our work together, I was able to uncover what my Life Purpose is and what direction I want to take next.

My satisfaction about my work increased dramatically. My self-confidence at work increased as well.

I proudly take in the compliments people praise me with now. I started to see what elements of my work are aligned with my Purpose. I used to ignore the compliments that other gave me. Now I see them as „signs” that I’m on the right path.

We’ve discovered lots and lots of things that I wasn’t aware of before.

I’d recommend coaching sessions with Kasia to people who are in a kind of in between state, both around work (how to plan your career, what direction to take, the purpose of your work) and in your personal life (difficulties with discovering or accepting your role). 



My main concern about coaching sessions was the fear that I may be actually not coachable.

I didn’t believe that our sessions will have any effect whatsoever on my decisions or life choices. That they will be just a nice chat. Nice but not really effective.

Nothing further from the truth!

My greatest discovery during our sessions with Kasia was when I’ve realized that there’s nothing wrong or bad about making my dreams come true. And more important – I felt empowered to make them come true!

I’ve also learned that emotions are nothing to be ashamed of or something that should be pushed away or ignored. They are a gift that can show us what to do next and what decisions to make.

I highly recommend sessions with Kasia to anyone who feels like they have a potential but don’t know what it is or what to do about it.

Sessions with Kasia are both deep inner work and so much fun!



While working with Kat, I received a huge gift. She helped me to tap into my deepest desires, and more importantly, I’ve learned how to do this on my own.

I learned how to speak from my heart and really get clear on what it is I desire for my coaching practice and in my personal life.

Kat knows how to ask just the right questions to get to the core of what it is you desire.

I have a clearer picture of the type of work I was meant to be doing and who I want to be serving. Cari

Coach & Therapist

Coaching sessions with Kasia have helped me understand myself, my needs and my calling so much better.

It gave me the courage to choose and focus 100% on the things that matter to me most and that really make me happy.


The Seeker & Alpinist

Kasia has helped me discover what it is that I’m really looking for in my career and how I can get it.

Only after few sessions together, doing my job was pure pleasure again (which was my initial problem before we started our work together)! Agata


At first I felt a bit resistant towards talking about myself and my problems but during the very first session, Kasia and I, we connected really quickly and it has helped me to open up.

We made a such a great progress together!

I felt like Kasia really heard me. She was so engaged during the session.

Thanks to our work together, I was able to see the positive aspects of the world around me, for the first time in a long long time.

My self-confidence boosted to the roof and now I’m able to make and trust my own choices.

I started to appreciate and stopped criticizing myself.

I’m aware of the aspects of my life that I’d like to work on now on an even deeper level.

Kasia has helped me build awareness, which is a basis of any life change. Now it’s all in my hands!



Before we started our work together, I was concerned that we’ll be only working on superficial topics. It turned out we were able to go really deep really quickly.

As as result on my coaching sessions with Kasia, I believe much more in what I do and in the decisions that I make.

I’m more aware of my strenghts and weaknesses.

I deal so much better with difficult situations now.

Kasia treats seriously any topic you come to her with.

She’s always prepared.

She created safe space to open up.

She’s not fishing for information. She’s really nice, inviting and at the same time – professional.


Technology Director

Would you like to feel like this too?