Photo by Dawid Liszka

So nice you’ve decided to drop by 🙂

Welcome on my blog where I’m sharing some discoveries, life lessons, and tools that helped me to go from feeling anxious, scared and confused to becoming more myself and as a result having more clarity, light, love, ease, empowerment, and joy in my life. I hope some of the things I’m sharing will resonate with you as well and will help you too.

I’m a life coach and I help people to discover what they want and who they really are. And how to make changes happen in their own, unique, perfect way. Together we can discover why you’re scared and why you don’t take acition to make necessary changes in your life. And taking inspired action is the fastest way to help you build the confidence you need to create the life YOU really want (not the society, your family, the social programming you got, or your limiting beliefs).

You might feel that you’d like to change something in your life but you’re not quite sure what it is yet. Is it your career? Your relationship? Your relationship to your body? Your relationship to yourself? Maybe you’re not sure if you’re ready. Or maybe you just feel stuck and see no solutions or opportunities. Or you want to change really, really badly and you need someone to guide you or be by your side. Or you’re like me, and you like learning more and more about yourself. Let’s explore some new concepts together and start to create our new lives today.

Becoming more of yourself is an inside job but you don’t have to do it on your own. It’s good to have some company along the way 🙂 It’s easier to make changes together.

My life’s journey is about becoming more myself in all aspects of life and helping others to do the same. Coaching can help you in practical way to create some badass changes if you’re open to it. You can do it with ease and lightness, also while being kind and loving to yourself and others 🙂

Please, get comfortable here and feel free to browse through my shares about what I’ve learnt from different people, books and experiences.